Monday, June 15, 2009

Great Raffle/Giveaway

My friend Teresa at Continuing the Journey is adopting her second child from China.

Meet Molly, aka The Pretty Princess.

I "met" Teresa last summer and became introduced her wonderful family via blogland. I've even corresponded with her 16 year old daughter Meggie. (Hi Meggie!) For awhile Teresa and I even had a friendly competition over followers. And then she got a demanding job. Her aspirations being blogging queen were put on hold.

Nine months ago Teresa and her family saw her little face and her file and sent a letter to China requesting the chance to be this precious little girl's family. They were granted Pre Approval and began the long and arduous paper chase. A paper chase that has become much more onerous since I paper chased my 3 adoptions. (Thank you Hague Treaty.) Teresa got her paper work done, sent it to China and expected to wait for 3-5 months for official permission, otherwise known as an LOA (Letter of Acceptance.) Let's just say that Teresa was shocked when her LOA came in six weeks. Great, right? Of course, but also surprising given the fact that Teresa and her husband had planned to work extra shifts to earn the last of their adoption expenses. Now they'll be in China.

So, Teresa is having a fundraiser and she's got some awesome prizes already and trying to get some other great prizes too. For a $5 raffle ticket you have the chance to win:

1) An autographed copy of Kay Bratt's book Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage. Even if you already have a copy of her book, this will be a personalized autographed copy just for you if you win! Kay's got your copy sitting by her all the time just waiting for who to write it out to. Okay, maybe not all the time, but she's eager to send to a lucky winner!

BTW, if you need a refresher about who Kay Bratt is or what her book is about, check out the interview she was kind enough to give me last fall.

2) You also are eligible to win a set of Pirate and Princess Costumes.

Oh my goodness! Are these not absolutely darling? Trish at Tutu Crazy has donated these and will custom make them to size for the lucky winner. What? You don't have a little one? Give them away on YOUR blog!

And the third prize:

3) A 7" Sony digital picture frame! I gave away a digital picture frame during my Six Days of Christmas Giveaway last December and it was a huge hit. Who wouldn't want one of these? A crazy person I tell you!

So get on over to Teresa's blog Continuing the Journey and donate money on her ChipIn widget on the upper left side. For every $5 you get one entry. The raffle will end on July 10.

But wait! There's more!

(Do I sound like an infomercial because that was totally my goal with that line.)

For every entry you make on Teresa's blog I will enter you into my own giveaway! I will be giving away one of my infamous There's Always Room For One More mugs which are always accompanied by my world famous Crack Bars. Of course. I will also give away a $25 gift certificate to Olive Garden. This giveaway is only available to those who donate on Teresa's blog. When you donate either leave me or Teresa comment telling us that you donated and came from my blog. My giveaway will end on July 10th as well.

So what are you still doing here??? Get on over there!


Teresa =) said...

Denise -

You are the BEST! Shame on me that you made my raffle sound so much more exciting than I did!! But, then again, you are the Blogging Queen and I am just a humble servant.

Love you!!!!

Teresa =)

Darcie said...

Thanks for the heads up...I remember the expense...I will have to head over to her blog and check it out.

Brandy said...

First you are awesome! Second I chipped in a little...I just couldn't resist that smiling face. Third I want some ding dang crack bars!


The Royal Family said...

I blogged about this... it isn't much since my follower list isn't as grand as yours, but hopefully she will get some attention!