Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun With Chopsticks

Today my family got to practice their chopstick skills. When you think if chopsticks, I bet you think of this place:

Okay, well maybe not, but we were at the mall food court and the pickings were slim.

Jenna's the old pro and likes to use her chopsticks any chance she can get. We hadn't gotten any chopsticks with our food so a trip to the counter was in order.

Yum! We love lo mien noodles!

Ryan had to practice his chopstick skills too. Another trip to the food counter. I should have known that if one child gets something then all of them want it.

When we got Ryan last summer, his chopstick skills put us all to shame. But then a few weeks after he came home he absolutely refused to use chopsticks and used a fork or spoon instead, even when the rest of us were using chopsticks. It took several months before he would even consider using them again. I would have thought that using chopsticks would be just like riding a bike-- once you learn you never forget. I was wrong. Now Ryan struggles to use them.

But he's pretty pleased with his progress.

Gauge, seeing all of this, wanted to try it too. Obviously, rice is much harder but I showed him how to scoop it up with chopsticks.


And then there was Emma. Wanting to try but refusing to pay any attention to how it's done.

But she managed to figure it out anyway.

Someone's pretty pleased with herself!

Yum, noodles.

Trace, you're setting a bad example for the children!

After all of this, and me taking pictures, and people staring at us for me taking pictures, I think Cody was beginning to wonder what kind of family she got herself into. Too late Cody! We're like the Hotel California. You can check in but you can never leave.

Goodness, who would ever want to???

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Sandy Toes said...

It's only 5:00am and now I have a crazy craving for Chinese food!!!

cute pictures.
sandy toe

Anita said...

I'm chopsticks challenged, but I can play the tune on the piano........does that count? I love how you take pictures of everyday life..............everywhere!

Crystal said...

Love the one of Emma so pleased with herself!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I'm so nervous letting my boys use their minds they look a lot like swords! They'd start a sword fight and we'd end up with lo mien noodles everywhere!

How long did this meal take and did you ever get a chance to eat after supervising and demonstrating the many ways to use chopsticks?

That pic of Emma grinning at her accomplishments is too cute!

Darcie said...

Your post makes me want go find the nearest set of chopsticks and Chinese Food and eat away. take me a while as I really don't know how to use them. You got some great pictures, even of your oldest son..reminds me of what my son would do. :o)

The Royal Family said...

I wish I could eat that stuff.. chinese is my fav! Cute pics, and good for you for taking pictures and the starring that comes with it.

Mary said...

The only question I have, Denise, is were you successful in your quest for capris?!?! :o)

Mary said...

...and Carey, my son uses EVERYTHING as a sword! LOL

Brandy said...

I love that's one of my favorites. Heard it yesterday - it made me happy.

I have never used chopsticks. BOO on me! But I have learned to love Chinese food & I LURVE (which is better than love) Japanese food. Does that count for something?

Kristy said...

Hey Denise I am sorry that I have not been here in a while, there is so much going on but I am here now and I plam on getting all caught up!!! Love the pics!
Love, Kristy

Christina said...

I'm not good with chopsticks. The best I can do is stab it like I'm spear fishing.... and hopefully scoop some rice on top of the meat or chicken. Nice, huh?

Margaret M said...

I love this post! Love the Hotel California comment. Who would ever want to leave? I love the glimpses into your life!

Jewelz said...

I miss you mommy!

April said...

Chopsticks are the best! And mmmmm, mall food :-)