Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What the...? Wednesday

What the...? Wednesday is back in theme week with Brandy2. Today's WT? Wednesday is indeed what the????

Below you will find a video that I decided to use for the theme. Easy enough, no splicing clips, but I wanted a movie because Windows Movie Maker is like a new Christmas present that I like to play with even if it is a couple of days after Christmas. I could have just uploaded this clip and be done with it but noooo I had to be creative. And a procrastinator, let's not forget that one, because as ugly as I claim the word to be, I think there's no getting out of that title today. I should have started this baby last night, instead I was too busy watching Season One, Disc 3 of The Amazing Race, research you know.

So I started creating the video this morning in all the chaos of the morning rush, 'cause I'm just pure genius like that. But the chaos died down and then I dealt with a super slow computer that needs a zillion pictures deleted off, and I have backed up onto an external hard drive but honestly, it's hard to trust a little black box that has a blue box that periodically looks like it's scanning it surroundings.

But maybe I'm just paranoid.

I was working diligently on my video while Cody was stuck dealing with my wild and poopy children, when Windows Movie Maker decides to crash! And I hadn't saved the video so I spent the next 30 minutes trying to send the video clip to another computer (don't ask) and I never got it worked out. But when I opened WMM on my original computer, there was my movie in all its previous splendor. It figures. But at least it was there.

I decided my movie needed music and a better selection than was in WMM sample music. So I wasted spent the next 45 minutes trying to find the song I wanted, download it onto my computer and insert it into my video. Upon music insertion, it crashed again. And again. And again. I'm such a genius that it only took me about 6 times to figure out that this wasn't going to work, but being the eternal optimist that I am, I tried a few more times, just to be sure. I decide the clip was too big and needed to be trimmed. I knew at this point that I had spent far more time than this video deserved but by this point I wasn't going to let a computer get the best of me. After I spent the next 15 minutes unsuccessfully trying to figure out what program could trim a music clip, I admitted defeat. Publish the dog gone video already. So after about 3 hours work, no joke, (how embarrassing after you see this video I think it's best not to share that part) Here's the video.

See I told you so. You better run off and check out the Brandy's posts. They're bound to be better than mine!
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Oh and before I forget be sure to REALLY check out Brandy at I'm Not Your Average Soccer Mom because she's featured blogger at SITS today! Give her some comment lovin' for me.

I can't believe it's 1:30 already, how will I find time to check all my LOST sites before tonight? I HAVE to check out Totally Lost on!


The Royal Family said...

VERY CUTE! I LOVE LOST!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!

Brandy said...

I'll be able to say I knew her when...

Amy B said...

Can I go ahead and get a signed picture? Really cute.

Angel said...

Denise, you are sooo funny

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

She's so cute! And I love all the background everyone else is just going on about their business while she's standing on the counter ready to perform.

But 3 hours! Have you started your spreadsheet yet? You've got homework to do, missy!

Brandy said...

Denisey-poo, you bad ass, I gotz an award for ya' @ my place.

Jill said...

That Emma definitely has STAR quality written all over her!