Monday, May 11, 2009

Filling the pew

I went to church on Mother's Day morning. That should be a no brainer, of course I would go to church. But I admit, I live to sleep past 8:00 am. As life goals go, it seems low on the priority list yet it's pretty high on mine. With a bed time of often midnight or later, I have to make my sleep up somewhere. Don't even suggest going to bed sooner. I'm starting this post at 11:00 pm. Enough said. I often get my one day to sleep in on Saturday but Ross had Saturday school the day before. So on Sunday, Mother's Day, I was tempted to sleep in and possibly miss church.

Lucky for my eternal salvation, Emma had other ideas and woke up at 6:45. Her Mother's Day gift to me.

There was no excuse to miss church now so Ryan, Jenna and I went. I knew Ryan was supposed to make a Mother's Day gift of a clay pot with a tissue paper flower and Jenna had choir practice. More incentives to go to church. The kids went to their Sunday school classes and then we headed to the service.

The kids grabbed their activity bags and we took our seats. Three people, three seats right? Oh no, Jenna and Ryan had to have room to spread out so we took six seats. I know I need to loose weight but really now. I spent the next hour telling Jenna to be quiet and tying to convince Ryan that the crayons in his bag were just as good as the crayons in Jenna's box. Trying to stop Ryan from stamping the back of the chair in front of us. Convincing Jenna that I really didn't want to play Go Fish with the cards in her bag.

Jenna received a peony flower bud to give to me for Mother's Day. At one point, Jenna held the peony flower bud and she decided to make sure I had it, right under my nose. "Smell it," she said. I turned my head away and then back to it sniffing. "Can you smell it?" she asked.

The church we go to is my brother's church. When we first started going it was nice to have someone we knew. But we know lots of people now and quite a few are readers of my blog (Hi Christy, Kathleen, Heather, and Sandra!) I've always believed that church is not only worship but also fellowship and I get lots of fellowship at this church.

Heather, who was sitting in the row behind me leaned forward and told Jenna, "You're mommy can't smell."

I leaned back to her and whispered "Stalker!" Heather knew this Fun Fact from reading my blog.

In the meantime, both kids were moving from one end of our chairs to the other. In the process of moving, Ryan's clay pot was knocked over numerous times.

The first time it was knocked over it fell onto the concrete floor and the the clink and roll was heard by several rows in front and behind us. By the fourth time, people were looking back to see what was going on. By the seventh time, people were snickering. By the end of the church service I was holding the pot.

Don't ask me what the sermon was about. I know it was something about love, it was from the book of John and there was a story about a train trip and a chain gang, although I'm fairly certain the chain gang story didn't come from John. That's about all I remember. I think that's probably one sentence fragment more then I remembered about the last sermon I heard.

When the service was over, I turned to Heather and told her that I thought I was going to the wrong church. I think I need to convert back to Catholicism where at least you get to drink wine at the end of the service, even if it is from the communion cup. Wine, fellowship-- I think the church service should be renamed Happy Hour.


Jules said...

Our Mother's Day mass was wonderful-great music (if i do say so myself-I'm in the choir), a homily with a blessing for mothers that made me cry, and the little monkey being babysat downstairs;)

I also look forward to the wine at communion-but since the stupid swine flu scare-no wine or handshake greetings during the kiss of peace. I was bummed (about the wine!) We all forgot not to shake each other's hands-and I don't think we'll be worse off for it!

Now-go get some sleep!

Geeta said...

Happy Belated Mother's day.... I say you deserve a legitimate happy hour =] =] =]

Sandy Toes said...

OH my are too much!!! How funny you are!
sandy toe

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah - I remember trying to actually hear the sermon when my boys were young. We'd be at dinner later and my MIL would say "wasn't that sermon great?", and I'd just kinda mumble "yeah...".

Lorie said...

My nephew made his communion last Saturday and I spent the entire time also entertaining/shushing etc myself, I brought two books for them to look at, but before long, my iPod was out and Spongebob was being watched.....

Brandy said...

This is what memories are made of...LOL!

Heather said...

Hey if it helps, I was having ADD moments of my own behind you. Next time you are in the sanctuary and bored, count all the lights. It will take you the entire service. I am not sure WHY there are so many and why the lights either look like a)storm troopers or b)those little plug into the body things from the Matrix. Yeah don't ask me what the service was about. I don't have a clue.

Kristy said...

You crack me up!!! But that is why our church has "Childrens Church"!! What a lifesaver that is. When all of our kids, daughter in laws, grandson, neices, nephew and my sister is at church we take 3 pews!! We are always being made fun of. Denise I miss you and I am sorry for not being around alot lately , so much is going on with my Mom among alot of other things it seems like I just can't keep up with my blog following. I will get it all together soon. Have a great week.
Love ya, Kristy

Party of Seven said...

That blog entry makes my head spin!!!! But it sounds like us every Sunday I cant remember the last time I got to hear a sermon!