Sunday, December 14, 2008

The First Day of Christmas WINNER

The winner is....

Let me tell you how we decided the winner first. Throughout the day I kept a word document open and as comments came in I added them to the document. They got one line for a comment and then another for following with the word "Follower" after their name and blog. Here's an example. My friend Kristin was the last one to comment before the deadline. So one line read:

Kristin (A Family is Forever)

But Kristin is a follower so she got another line that read like this:

Kristin (A Family is Forever)-- Follower

Not that it did her any good-- sorry Kristin!

We printed them off and cut them into strips like these above.

Then we folded them up. We had delusions of putting them into the Santa hat on Jenna's head but once we saw this:

We knew there were way too many strips of paper to fit in that hat so they stayed in the bowl. I think there were 83 entries. (Hey, I'm a writer not a mathematician!)

Julia mixed up the bowl, drew out a name and it was:

And see, she only won because she was a follower! Congrats Knit Purl Gurl! Let me know your address and I hope to get your candle holder out to you tomorrow!

In case you want to verify the ethicalness (its a real word, I looked it up) of our random drawing, watch the video below:

I told you my math skills were poor. I guesstimated about 150 as you can hear in the video. I don't know how I came up with it, random guess, I guess. For the number above I counted the lines per sheet and multiplied per sheet. In any case, there were a lot.

Oh, and Jenna is trying to ignore us because she was supposed to draw the name but lied to me about something this evening so she lost the drawing privilege as well as TV privileges tomorrow.


Ann said...

Cool she has a great blog! I am now a follower...

If you want a chance to win something check out my blog. I am having a give-a-way too. It ends tomorrow so hurry.

:D Happy Sunday :D

Cassie said...

congratulations Knit Purl Girl!

Nicole said...

Congrats Knit Purl Girl!!

Cathy said...

Congratulations...and I mean that, with all the sincerity I can muster!!

Denise said...

Taking another chance...and I am a Follower too~