Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Memories

Our Christmas started on Christmas Eve. We went to my brother Kevin's church for their 6:00 service.
The 4 younger kids were in their Christmas finery.

Trace and Ross joined the mix with their non-Christmasy attire. It wasn't their fault; I didn't buy them anything to wear. Emma has lost her shoe and is totally unhappy with the posing.

After the service we went to Kevin and Janne's house where we taped our Christmas message on their staircase. It was a potluck appetizer shindig and I brought my Spinach Artichoke Dip. It was quite the hit-- there was none left at the end of the evening. It was a full house with Kevin's family, Janne's sister's family hence Kevin, also known as Kevio, volunteering to video us. (I thought they all might think it was weird that we did that but everyone was totally into it.) My parents were there, my brother Rick and his 2 kids, and Janne's parents and Kevio's parents. After we grazed extensively we moved to the music room and listened to the kids all play Christmas piano solos and sang Christmas carols.

After we got home the 4 younger kids opened one present.

They all had Christmas jammies to wear. This was a new thing for us. I had heard of other people doing this and thought it would be fun. Emma seems to disagree.

Then it was off to bed and waiting for Santa. There was some disagreement as to when we would get up to open gifts. The girls wanted as early as possible preferably around 7:00 am. The older boys wanted to sleep and preferred 9:30. I split the difference and said 8:00 but changed it to 7:30. The girls entered my bedroom promptly at 7:30 but the babies weren't up so I told the girls they had to wait, while I lay in bed dozing, of course. At 7:45 the babies walked in looking like little zombies and the girls swore they didn't have anything to do with their waking. We moved downstairs, roused the boys from their slumber and they emerged from their man cave, aka the basement.

Trace was still waking up.

Ross was pretty low key.

Emma was diving into the excitement.

Ryan was overwhelmed by it all. He and Emma got this castle from Santa, although Emma could care less about it.

Jenna got Baby Alive, a baby who eats and drinks and poops and pees 'cause there's not enough of that flying around this house. Well, not literally flying, although if it were to happen I wouldn't be all that surprised.

Emma got a baby of her own to love on.

And she and Ryan got tricycles from Santa. Emma's is pink and purple and Ryan's is a Harley Davidson. But something strange has happened over the course of a day...

They've switched trikes. Ryan prefers the pink tricycle (much to Ross' consternation) and Emma hops on the Harley. Trace thinks that the Harley suits Emma better, since she's so much more aggressive than Ryan.

This is another new baby that Jenna got from Grandma. She swims.

Jenna tried her out in the tub tonight and requested to bathe alone with her, meaning no live babies in the tub.

Ross playing golf with the family's new Wii.

Trace is offering moral support in the form of heckling.

Julia's very happy with her new pink iPod. The girl never hears me now. How come she gets her own little world???

That's okay because I got my own. I'm sequestering myself in my room for the next few days and watching a marathon of Lost episodes. The kids can all fend for themselves!


Cassie said...

Aw, those are cute pictures! They all look so happy with their new toys!

Lindsey's mom said...

We got the same pee/poo doll!!!! We got the wii fit from grandma as well. Love the pink trike..I should have mailed you the brand new one in my garage that Lindsey never used LOL!!! Happy New Year!!

momma said...

looks like a wonderful christmas for everyone! even emma seemed happy in the last few pictures :)

i had a baby alive when i was little and i LOVED it!!

my fil got a wii. we were just there tonight playing guitar hero and boxing. that was all quite funny and we have our own heckler, too - daddy!

i hope you all have a happy new year!

Megan said...

Looks like everyone had a great Christmas! =D

Hubby and I got a Wii, too. We just spent the past...ooohhh....6 or so hours? playing it. lol

(I got my little gift the other day. And then re-used the box for my inlaws gift. heehee Thank you so much! =D)

Denise said...

Great memories! Love the picture of Emma on the Harley bike!

Thanks for your comment on my blog about my pics....but I really don't know what I am doing. I plan on taking an online class this Spring. A friend suggested a new lens to me, since my hubby won't agree to me upgrading to a Canon or Nikon...

Oh, and I remember having a Baby Alive too!

Kristin said...

Well, I am sure my son would agree with Ross on Ryan switching bikes. But doesn't Emma look adorable on the Harley?? Biker babe already!

My nephews have Wii and are bringing it to my parents when we are there. I've never played so will have to try it out. I'm sure I'll have hecklers too. Gee, I get that just on the PS2!

Kat said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. Its so good to be with family on Christmas. Our Christmas was a little more low-key but really nice. No babies here - though I do remember the trikes and babydolls - lots and lots of babydolls.

You have such a beautiful family.

Kristy said...

Hi Denise, I love your pictures and could Jenna look any more like you????? Just to let you know we have alot of that "teenage its way to early to be up look" around here too!! lol I love the Pj's , that has been a tradition in my family since my sisters and I were really little.

Denise I wanted to thank you for everything you said on my blog the other day. You have become so special to me and I think you are one of the most intelligent, strong, and beautiful women I know, love and respect. Your words mean so much to me.
Thank you.
Love and blessings, Kristy

Lori said...

I love the pic of Emma with her baby doll! :)
What a sweet♥

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ahhh!!!! Lovely pictures hun!!! And I'm a HUGE LOST fan too!! Yippee!!! Soon hun, soon it will be back on!

Come on over and check out ours when you take a "Lost" breather!

The Johnson 5 said...

Hannah got the Baby Alive last year, one suggestion.....don't forget to change the diaper after EVERY feeding. It leaks the same color you feed it!!

I love Emma's face with that baby doll!!

I'm glad you guys had a GREAT day!!

Kristin said...

I think we got almost the same presents over here....a hot pink ipod, a wii, a tricycle, baby alive.

The pic of Emma with her dolly is so cute! And her and Ryan switching funny!

Brandy said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome Christmas! I love all the pics...and the Harley trike is bad ass.

Lorie said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas, Merry Christmas to all.

Margaret Miracle said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! I totally understand about the trikes. When we got Lily Wen's ears pierced the other day, Graeme was choosing the pink heart earrings and ready to take his turn. Wes wisked him out Libby Lu so fast! They will care all too soon!

Beverly said...

cute pics esp with the baby crying and then so happy with her own baby doll.

Joy said...

I love your quote 'how come she gets HER own little world?' that really gave me a chuckle.