Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kansas City Ink - Family Style

A few months ago I posted about Kansas City Ink's newest artist, Emma.

She had just made a big splash onto the Kansas tat scene with her wide range of talents.  In true LA Ink style, Emma made KC Ink a family shop.

Meet Kansas City Ink's newest tattoo artist, her brother Ryan.  I had no idea that Ryan had any type of tattooing skills until this morning when I discovered him tatting his sister.

 Emma was a very patient client and willingly stayed still while Ryan worked on his master piece.

While Emma's designs lean towards more free form with flowing lines...

 Ryan's designs are much more linear.  (I suppose taking my children to church is paying off.  It looks like Ryan is giving Emma a cross.)

This was a joint effort.  Emma had already inked herself when Ryan decided to add is own touches.  If you look closely, you can see who contributed what.

Apparently, Ryan is now taking new clients.  Reserve you space today!


Kat said...

Ryan might have some customers in Pigeon Forge this weekend! I suppose all is well if he doesn't try to make anatomically correct R's on his sister :-)

April said...

LMAO - love this :-) my kids are constantly coloring on themselves too.

I was so embarrassed when we had a family photo shoot last week and the photographer asked if she could get some pictures of the kids shirtless... i protested, but eventually took their tops off. i warned her they had played with markers earlier, but i don't think she quiet expected the volume of ink they had used. hehe.

she says she's talented with photoshop, but i'll be SUPER impressed if she gets those pictures looking good!!!

Jill said...


Actually Ryan's art work is A LOT BETTER than what I have seen on the bodies 'round here!!!! ;)

Brandy said...

LMAO @ Kat!

Your house is a creative mecca. Tattoo artists, writers, actors, singers and Cody is a talented seamstress.

Kristin said...

Ha!! Sign me up!! LOL!! Hope it wasn't too hard to get off :)

Regina said...

You are hilarious!! I love reading about what your family is up to.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

YOur kids just crack me up!!! Hope you are having a FAB getaway!!!!! Safe travels girl.

~Issy said... funny and cute!

Although not so funny for you having to get all of that marker stuff off!

And i need a session with your Ms. Emma and Mr. Ryan...i have a lower back tat that needs some touching up! ;)

Sandy Toes said...

OH MY are a patient mom!
sandy toe

Lisa Curcio said...

Yay for creative kids!

My kids use water colors for face paintings...lots of fun with very little mess :)

Melissa said...

Hilarious!!!!!! I just think your children are beautiful! I'm so glad we got to meet this past weekend!
You are such an incredible woman and I have been so blessed to get to know you! I can't wait to read your book!

Paula said...

Hey there - I came over from Shannon (of Nuthouse fame)'s blog... and just spent an hour reading about your family. Wow. You are a wonderful writer, and an inspiration. So glad to have stopped by :)

Take care

Anonymous said...
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