Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Frustrated Artiste

Artists are often tortured souls, or at least that's what I've always heard.  They battle the demons that struggle to be released in an artistic medium.  If Emma could clearly articulate her thoughts, I'm sure that's the cockamamie bull she would tell me to justify her "creative urges."

Emma is drawn to writing instruments, particularly (but not limited to) markers.  At this stage of the game I pretty much have all markers under lock and key but when I heard Trace yell in a very exasperated voice "Em-ma!"  I knew it couldn't be good.

Weapon artistic medium of choice.

Oh that's sweet.  Emma drew a picture.

She then moved to the table.

Then the sofa.

The piano.

And a stool.  But these furniture pieces are getting rather old, don't you think?

Let's artistically express ourselves on the wall. (So her previous art work is there too, She just added to it.)

Let's take it around the corner too.  These pictures were taken after I used Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

And then she finally stopped here when she was caught in the act.  What did Emma think of her accomplishment?

It's pretty obvious she's quite pleased with herself.

Ya do the crime, you gotta do the time, only this wasn't punishment to her.  She was crying to help wipe the walls.

So what are my options here?  Mr Clean Magic Eraser hasn't taken it all off so I could repaint but then I'd have to paint--


And here.

And here.


You get the point.

So we're reverting back to caveman times, next thing you know she'll be hunting down the dogs and building a fire in her bedroom.  Wait, don't give her any ideas.


Janelle said...

Don't call me crazy, but try Aqua Net hairspray. My son had a marker-on-the-walls phase and I went through several cans of Aqua Net. Saturate it, then clean them with a mild cleaner. Try promises, but it might work!

Anita said...

My heart goes out to you. I never had an artist, and I too kept the markers, crayons pens, etc under lock and key. I had a SIL who just let her kids go to town, and they literally had to not just paint put do new dry wall in some spots from when she had tried to clean, and taken all the wall board off......ugh.
She's an adorable little imp isn't she?

kodeekins said...

You forgot to include a photo of the wall behind the curtains that cover the sliding glass door. ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL ok just HAD to laugh as our Phu Tho girls both do that too!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating...ruined our quilts, sheets, bedspreads and now it is on our kitchen cabinets...sharpie perm marker! uggh.

good luck. :)
Emily and Kaitlyn July 31,2007 Adoppt...

Jolene said...

OH no!!!! I have a 20 month old who loves writing on the walls with crayons, since I have all markers under lock and key too. Or so I thought. The other day he took a black permanent marker from the junk drawer and wrote all over the refrigerator. When I caught him, he was squealing with delight. I had to scrub it for about half an hour with Ajax cleanser, since the magic eraser was no match for black marker. I hope they grow out of this vandalism stage very soon because I'm getting white hair!

Goosegirl said...

Both of my girls did that but then each moved on to going through tons and tons of paper. Friends and family members keep Ahnalin in recycled paper and that can be frustrating too, because she feels each piece is so precious that it must be kept. UGH!!! So....I have "art" all over the house. UGH!

jewelmcroberts said...

I can relate, but maybe not to that extent...Emma really did a masterpiece. Anyway, just wanted to mention a couple of ideas...had friends that allowed the artwork to flow on the walls in the laundry room only. Also we have painted one of the walls in our school room with dryerase paint. So the dryerase markers could be used on it. Good luck!

Beth said...

ackkk! How do they find these things? When we moved into a brand new apartment my sweet 2 yr old decided to write my sister's name all over the brand new cabinets with a Sharpie... I was proud she knew how to spell....NOT!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh... man..... That's just not fun.

WE don't write on things here, we just stick freeking STICKERS to EVERYTHING... I hate that.

Vic said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like you had a busy girl on your hands... She is very... Creative! Good luck, I would try calling a paint store or something see if they have any ideas?

Brandy said...

She DOES look pleased. She even gave herself some more body art. LOL!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness, Denise! Emma must've been tired after all that work! Ha!

Tami said...

My 2yo just did this on my living room walls also. He was very proud. Luckily, I've been needing to paint those walls and haven't gotten around to it yet. Good luck to you!

Angel said...

Oh my goodness! I did kind of laugh, but I felt horrible for you at the same time! :)

Party of Seven said...

What an artist!! I know another little girl who decorated our fridge, table, walls and sliding door. Mr. Clean did not work either!!

Teresa =) said...

Wow, that kid o' yours has done some REAL damage to your house, hasn't she?! The best pic in the bunch is the one of her, after having decorated herself with markers! PRICELESS!!

You are a tolerant Mama 'cause I'm not sure I'd be so good about all that "art" all over my walls. Yet again, your parenting skills make us all look inadequate...

Teresa =)