Thursday, April 10, 2008

Never underestimate the luxury of running water!

You never realize how wonderful something is until you lose it. Like your kitchen sink.

We're in the middle of a minor (yeah right!) kitchen remodel. When I built this house I didn't upgrade anything in the kitchen with the plan to put in the kitchen of my dreams after moving in and now we're moving so scratch Plan A. Move to Plan B.

Plan B has, like any remodeling process, changed as we have gone along. But here is what it is today: Add molding to the cabinet doors and drawers. Paint and glaze cabinets. Put in new counter top. Put in an island. Put bead board at the end of cabinets to dress them up. Put in a new vent hood. Tile backsplash. We're over halfway done now. All we have left is to finish the upper cabinets and tile the backsplash.

This is our kitchen before. We had oak cabinets and laminate counter tops. The house came with white appliances but I had my professional stove and my ultraquiet dishwasher installed the day I moved in, well the day the boys moved in. There is no island.

And this is what our kitchen looks like at the moment. We've put moulding on the cabinets, painted and glazed. Added the island and had granite counters installed on Tuesday. Our sink was reconnected yesterday. Yeah!!! The kitchen already seems so much brighter and I haven't even tiled the backsplash yet. We're hoping to get to that this weekend. We're still trying to decide how to finish the upper cabinets which is why they aren't glazed yet.

Do you have any idea what it's like with a house full of kids, not to mention a baby with baby bottles, and have no kitchen sink for a week and a half???? Not a pretty picture. Speaking of not so pretty pictures:

This is a picture proving that I am a do-it-yourselfer kind of girl. The granite people were going to charge us extra to remove the counter tops so Ross and I did it ourselves the day before they came to template. In this photo I am unscrewing the screws that held the sink on the counter. Girl power!!! (Janne' you owe me a Starbucks coffee!)

I love doing this kind of stuff. I love taking a room/kitchen/anything that looks like nothing and turning it into something. The transformation. The joke has always been that as soon as I redecorated every room in the house it was time to move and start again. In fact, that's how I majored in interior design. Darrell hoped to curb my experimentation on our own house and hoped I would spend other people's money on their homes instead. It only kind of worked.

Here's what else I love: that my girls see me do this, they see me with a drill and a nail gun and they don't think its unusual. I love that they don't think a girl can't do this kind of thing, that ANYONE can. You just have to want to do it.


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