Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An imagination is a terrible thing to waste

Luckily for me our three day weekend was over and 2 of my 3 children went to school today! But that meant that Jenna, the 4 year old, got to stay home. And by home I mean "home suite home."

My older children would wile the day away with their faces glued to the television (as evidenced by the previous post showing the aftermath of the tv viewing) but Jenna can entertain herself. Actually that statement is not entirely true. She can entertain herself by writing, directing and producing her own mini plays that include me in her cast. Like a true artiste she does not like to take direction nor suggestion from outside sources. Her works are truly her own and if you know what's good for you you follow along.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on the day or my mood) her plays follow the same plot but have a revolving cast of characters. Some days we play Ariel and Eric, or Belle and the Beast or Princess and Prince but today we played High School Musical According to Jenna. Jenna is always Gabrielle and I am always Zacefron. No, that was not a typo. The part is not Zac Efron nor Troy, as would actually be correct to the original script. Believe me, I have tried to point this out! According to Jenna its Zacefron.

Jenna is a forgiving director in that I can usually get away with multi-tasking while playing my part. (Trust me multi-tasking is both my blessing and my curse) On this day I was sorting baby clothes while fulfilling my role. Jenna feeds me my lines and as long as I get them pretty close I'm OK. Here's a sample script:

Jenna: You call Gabrielle and say you will pick me up at 8:00

Me: Ring ring. Hello Gabrielle? Can I pick you up at 8:00?

Jenna: Oh, hi Zacefron, sure.

(Exciting stuff! I hope the writers for HSM3 are goggling this -- Jenna will be a rich girl!)

Not bad you say, pretty mindless stuff. True, true but try doing this all day long and by all day I mean ALL DAY!

Next we mix things up. Jenna goes into the bathroom which is now Gabrielle's house and Zacefron has to come to her house and bring her gifts. This involves me wrapping up multiple items in various baby blankets, burp rags, etc. But not only do I, excuse me Zacefron, give gifts but I get to sing too! (It IS a musical!)

Me: (knock on door) Gabrielle, I have a present for you! (Then I break out into the "mad song" Bet on it)

Me: Bet on it, bet on it, bet on it, bet on it...

Jenna: (Opens door) Oh, hi Zacefron. Thanks for my present. (takes present and closes door)

Repeat 4-5 times.

Welcome to my world.

By 2:00 I'm desperate for the Disney Channel. But then, I guess that's what me got here!

Here is Gabrielle (portrayed by Jenna) making a date with Zacefron in her "home." Note the presents (diapers spread out) and the wrapping (receiving blanket on the floor.)
Note #2: The above blanket was washed immediately after use.

Editorial note: In yesterday's post I wrote that if the girls had been playing Survivorman then one of them might have eaten the other one. It is with sincere apology that I retract that statement. The man on Surviorman has never resorted to cannibalism on his show. So my children were safe but I'm not so sure about the dogs!


NinaLillard said...

What a wonderful family you have. I adore EVERTHING that I know about you!

NinaLillard said...

What a wondeful family. I adore EVERYTHING that I know about you!