Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Future Doctor Jenna?

A couple of weeks ago while Jenna and I were lounging in the suite, Jenna was actually entertaining herself and not using me in her improv theater (the dogs on the other hand were not so lucky.) I was on the computer and she came up to me and asked me:

"What does my tummy look like inside?"

Lucky for her anatomy was one of my favorite classes so I began to describe the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines and she looked a little lost. So I asked her if she wanted to see what the inside looked like. She got very excited over this.

A simple Google search provided many diagrams, photos and charts and Jenna and I spent the next 30 minutes going over what was in our body and what it did. It was one of those rare, golden moments when you think you have actually taught your child something.

Fast forward to last night when Jenna, Ross and I were going to McAlisters for dinner. Julia was at a friend's house. Out of the blue Jenna asks:

"What does the inside of my bottom look like?"

Say what????? After a bit more prompting I determined that she wanted to know how things were connected inside. Whew! I thought it might be time for a more detailed "boys are different" talk than our more generic conversations. I asked her if she had an area of interest?

"I know my poopy comes out of my big hole. What is it like inside?"

I reminded her of the esophagus, stomach and intestines but this time explained the role of the small and large intestines in a little more detail. I also used the words rectum and anus. Big mistake. The word anus is quite humorous to a 4 year old.

By the time we entered McAlisters, the conversation was dropped but after we sat at our table and were eating Jenna coughed and asked:

"What pipe does your food go in when it goes down the wrong pipe?"

I reminded her of the esophagus, which we had discussed last night, but also reminded her of the trachea which connected to her lungs. I told her about the epiglottis and how it flaps open and closed and sometimes it doesn't close in time and food or drink get down and makes you cough and cough. She was silent for a moment seemly taking it all in and then announced in a very loud voice heard throughout the restaurant:

"Your poopy comes out your anus!"

Many thoughts went through my mind: I'm so proud! How many people heard that? What will her teachers think on Monday when she spouts her new found wisdom at school? And finally:

Maybe she'll be a proctologist.


I'm sure many of you thought that I exaggerated how Jenna sleeps in bed. Lucky for me when I finished writing my blog and went to bed and this is what I found.

Notice that Julia and Jenna are on their own side. Also notice that Jenna has her feet on the pillow but now the dog has taken my spot!

Here is a picture of Jenna and the dogs. Jenna thinks that Calli, the Pekinese has "evil eyes." I suggested it was because it looks like she has her in a choke hold. Fifi, the Yorkie, appears to be licking her nose. What an incredible display of photography skill!

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