Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And a Happy New Year to You Too

When we last heard from our neglectful blogger, she was >>this close<< to finishing her first novel. What gives?

Yes, I did complete my first novel, So Much To Lose, coming in at a whopping 95,000 words and 375 double spaced pages. What does that look like? Why, I'm glad you asked.

Yes, a tree sacrificed its life to print my novel.

The last week I was writing 10-12 hours per day trying to get it done and when I typed the words THE END, I cried. I couldn't believe I had done it. I couldn't believe it was actually done. I couldn't believe that I didn't have writing to absorb every spare moment of my time. I knew I had to wait 2-6 weeks until I could begin to edit and revise.

I promptly fell into Post Novel Depression. I wandered aimlessly trying to figure out what to do with my time. All my writing friends told me to start a new book. I thought they had lost their minds. But I brainstormed and before I knew it, I had a new plot. The week before Christmas, I started my second novel, which amazingly enough already had a title, a theme, subthemes and a bare bones plot. While So Much To Lose (my novel) took 6 weeks to write 26 chapters, the first chapter of Chosen took one week in itself.

The week after Christmas, I pulled So Much to Lose down from it's shelf, excited to begin editing. I started to read it and wanted to cry. It sucked. I knew that was okay. First drafts often suck. The problem was the first chapter of Chosen didn't suck, in fact, several people told me it was good. I was torn between putting a lot of work into a bad first draft or continuing on with a pretty good first draft. Which would you choose? Yeah, me too.

I've put So Much To Lose to the side and I'm working on Chosen writing a chapter a week. A much slower pace but I'm getting quality words. I've started an author blog in a few days I'm going to post part of chapter 1 of Chosen so you can decide for yourself.

Christmas. What about Christmas?

Christmas was quiet for us, just the nine of us. It started snowing on Christmas Eve so Cody and Gauge had their first white Christmas, much to Cody's excitement. I don't have any pictures because I can't find the charger to my camera battery. Ugh. I refuse to buy a new one because as sure as I do, the old one will turn up. The kids were supposed to return to school on Tuesday but got a snow day and then one today. It's snowing again.

As I was uploading this picture, I got the call from school saying there is no school tomorrow or Friday. Three weeks of Christmas break and Mom is going nuts. I love my children but it's easier to love them when they go to school, especially when they're cooped up in the house 24/7.

Pray for me.

Are you giving up your blog?

No, I'm really sad that I've neglected my blog so much. Ryan said something cute a couple of weeks ago and someone asked me if I journaled the cute things my kids did. I told her that I put them on my blog and then realized I hadn't been doing that for some time. I hope to make the time to put those funny stories on here. One of the main reasons I started my blog was to have a chronicle of my kids and the funny things they do.

Any resolutions for 2010?

Nope. Other than to be a better blogger, finish my second novel, try to get an agent, drop 2 dress sizes and run a 5K this spring, I don't have any resolutions this year.


Em said...


I'm absolutely positive it does not suck. Leave it in the box a little longer.

I can't wait to read the first chapter of Chosen.

So sorry about the snow :-)

Kat said...

They are talking about snow for us tomorrow. And I am with you. It's so much easier to be a better mother when they are gone for part of the day!

Many, many congrats on the completion of your first book...and the beginning of your second.

I soooo need to get better about blogging...maybe tomorrow...

Brandy said...

I read the first book and it was far from sucky. I agree that the 2nd book's (yes I've read that too, don't be jealous! I am afterall, co-president of Denise's fan club.) 1st chapter had a bit more bang to it, but the 1st book picks up steam and ends up being a riveting story.

No matter what you are working on, I know you will do great because you are GIFTED!

Denise said...

I am jealous that I am not getting to preview your books...I just know they are great! I understand about school closings my friend...mine have been back since yesterday and they are forecasting snow for tomorrow night...ugh!!

And no more resolutions for me...I totally bombed on mine from last year...better to just try and do my best~

Shannon said...

Wow! Congrats on finishing!

And already started a new one?! Awesome!

Heather said...

All of us EE '09 blogger friends will get autographed copies, right?


I can't wait to read your books. You have talent, girl. I love that I will be able to say "I knew her when...".

Good luck on the goals. Isabel and I ran her first 5k this past fall, and it was awesome. Maybe one of your girls will do it with you?

Tricia said...

I must say I am not in agreement with you on snow days. I would much rather be home with my 3 kids than stuck in a classroom with twenty. Does that make me a bad teacher?