Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Momma Gets Her Groove Back

Bright and early this morning 2 girls were bright eyed and bushy tailed. And with their rising, Momma got back her routine.

Eager for their first day of school. So eager that Jenna was ready an hour and half before she needed to leave. (Be sure to notice Jenna's pink flip flops.)

Showing off their new, monogrammed backpacks.

It's a neighborhood tradition for our cul-de-sac kids to gather round and have their picture taken on the first day of school. They walk to school together too, but we didn't walk with them this year.

Because I noticed that Jenna didn't have her pink flip flops on. She had her old flip flops with a missing giant jewel. So I sent her back in to find her flip flops

Which she couldn't find, so she came out with these. And then promptly decided that these weren't going to work.

So ended up wearing these anyway.

Okay, we're finally ready. Notice that she has her hair done now.

Ryan, looking out the window upset that he wasn't going to school too. Next week Ry-man, next week. I don't sound too excited, do I???

But the girls weren't the only ones starting their first day of school today.

The boys started their first day of college! Of course, Trace has had many first days but this was Ross' very first day of college. They are both attending the same community college and even car pooled together. Ahhh... BTW, notice how thrilled Ross is to be having his picture taken.

All those kids didn't leave a moment too soon.

I was left with a total disaster! Did I spend the whole morning cleaning up?

Ryan and Emma in the back, my nephew Trevor (in a round about way) and niece Caitlin.

Shoot no! If I'm getting back into my routine then it was time for a Field Trip Tuesday with my SIL Janne'! We went all summer with only a couple of FFTs. Field Trip Tuesdays are exciting outings for Janne' and I. We always go to Starbucks and then run errands. Exciting stuff. But it's not about what we do, it's who we do it with. And the Starbucks.

Just call him The Winkmiester

Just one more piece of evidence proving what a perfect mother I am. Not only is my son's face still dirty from breakfast, but it's still dirty from powdered sugars donuts.

But hey, Emma doesn't seem to mind!

Here's to an awesome school year and to me getting my groove back!


The Royal Family said...

cute pics! I have a while before my school days begin... hee hee

where did you get the cute bags?!?!

Alicia said...

What a cute tradition! Everyone looks good!!

LOL about the mess! I can imagine the hustle and bustle of the morning!

monica said...

Glad you're getting your groove back. I've missed your posts. Monica

The Gotch 5 said...

WOO-HOO!!!!! Have a wonderful day filled with no school children!!! Little jealous:oP

Kim said...

There's nothing like the first day of school. Hope everyone's excitment stays for awhile (especially the boys - love that pic.! LOL).

Glad to hear the groove is coming back!

Brandy said...

The winkmeister is too much! LOL!! You can't help but laugh at Ryan with his messy mouth and one-eyed pose.

Yes, I can tell that Ross was thrilled...and possibly still half asleep.

Nancy said...

So glad we are getting the old Denise back!!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

So glad your groove is back! I'm hoping to find mine September 14th...in a mere 26 days. But who's counting, right?

Great pics!

Kat said...

I love the college boys. They should never be left out of the first day of school picture traditions. Did they let you pick thier clothes out?? ;-)

The Johnson 5 said...

you are SOP right, it's all about WHO your doing it with!!

I'm so glad your grooving again :)

Crystal said...

So happy you're back!

The girls looked adorable on their first day of school! Couldn't help but laugh when Jenna changed her shoes so many times!

Kristin said...

ha! I love the powdered sugar mouth and Emma looks so cute! I am so looking forward to mine going back next week!

wingepr said...

Great Pics. Love the backpack. I almost got the same lunch box too but ended up with the Retro.

How did she loose her pink flip flops so fast :)

wingepr said...

Great Pics. Love the backpack. I almost got the same lunch box too but ended up with the Retro.

How did she loose her pink flip flops so fast :)

Jill said...

I'm dancin' "Denise has her GROOVE back! Denise has her GROOVE back!"

I just had to laugh out loud at Trace and Ross in their "first day" photo! SUCH HAPPINESS with their Momma!!!

Oh, and one more thing! I love the powdered donuts...YOU KNOW THAT! Just the mere mention of them makes me start thinking of WHEN I will be near the market to buy some!!