Saturday, March 29, 2008

Playing catch up or otherwise known as Christmas in March

Am I behind or what? (Note to self: Don't wait until your camera has about 250 photos before you transfer them to your computer.) I'm going to spend the next few days catching up starting from this past December.

First, let me tell you how proud we were when Jenna was chosen to be Mary in her preschool Christmas program! And what a beautiful Mary she was!

This was at the end of a VERY long program that left all involved very cranky. Notice that Jenna has lost her headress at this point. Baby Jesus is one of her baby dolls although a few people suggested that she use Emma--NOT!

And here are my Christmas angels! Jenna, age 4; Julia, 10; and Emma 5 months.

And finally, here is a picture taken of Emma with my brother Dave on Christmas Day in Louisville, Kentucky.
Let me say that Christmas was 100% better than Thanksgiving. I literally watched Emma nearly die that day at Vanderbilt Children's hospital with her RSV. My Christmas was full of thanksgiving.

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